Leafcutter ants: Protecting planted forests to ensure the safety of people and the environment

Just like human beings, planted forests can also get sick. Protecting them safely and efficiently, without neglecting the human health and environmental aspects, is part of the commitment made by the Brazilian planted tree industry.


From the time they are planted, trees are vulnerable to attack from pests like insects, bacteria, and fungi that affect their growth. To present the best pest management practices in the sector, the Brazilian Tree Industry (Ibá) in collaboration with the Forest Science and Research Institute (IPEF) has developed "a press kit on Forest Defense" composed of the infographic "Environmental and Social Risk Assessment for Pesticide Use" and the videos and "Leafcutter Ants".

We will share with you the video leafcutter ants to know a little more about this insect in planted forests. 

We hope you enjoy and share this resource!

To access the video in English: LeafCutter Ants

Para acessar o vídeo em Português: Formigas Cortadeiras

Published on 10 October 2017  http://iba.org/en/

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